Only 2% of Sales are Made on the First Point of Contact

You heard that right. This means you stand to lose potentially 98% of your sales leads if you do not follow up as soon as possible.

Success in growing your business depends on increasing the number of contacts with both old and new customers. The secret to this? A strong follow-up strategy to get your prospects on board.

Start Closing More Leads with Follow Up Emails

At Adheft Marketing, we specialize in crafting custom follow-up email and text message strategies that will close your leads, grow your business and positively impact your bottom line. As your marketing partners, you can rely on us to use proven-methods that we’ve used to grow many businesses!

Using Our Follow-Up Strategies, You’ll be Able to:

  • Increase your sales!
  • Engage with your leads better than ever!
  • Grow your business faster!

Let’s Get Started!

For just $399/Month, we’ll implement custom follow-up email strategies to increase your open rates, convert direct sales, and benefit your bottom line.

This includes:

  • Custom copy that converts.
  • Custom strategy to meet your leads’ unique needs.
  • Proper tracking, so you know exactly how your campaign is performing.

It’s time to stop struggling with engaging your leads, and start increasing your revenue today!

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