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We want to see you grow! We’re confident that our team of skilled digital marketing experts and gurus will help lead you towards growth. We work with each client individually to create an intentional package of digital marketing services, specifically catered to your business goals.

Our services include:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We want you to rank at the top of every search engine for services in your local area.

Digital Marketing

Our #1 expertise is getting the word out about your business online.

Google Ads & Optimization

The best way to get in front of the customers you’re trying to attract? Google!

Social Media Marketing

Our world lives in a digital world, with most scrolling social media for hours every day. Let’s make sure you stop their scroll!

Web Design & Development Solutions

Your website has the potential to make or break your business. Let’s make sure your first impression is impactful.

& More…

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Our Adheft Marketing team is skilled in every area of digital marketing and we are always up for a challenge.

More About Our Services

Google Ads

We find out what the client is looking to sell and then do keyword research to find the best opportunities to take advantage of the Google Ads in that location. Google ads work on an auction system so you have to do the research to find the opportunities to not get into heavy competition or you can waste hundreds of dollars on a click. 

Also we work with the office to establish what’s best. Do they need leads 24/7 or just when the office is open and what exact locations to target. We can set up the ads to start and end any hour of the day and target the location to within a Kilometer which is basically a third of a mile or to any zip code or even avoid certain zip codes within a set radius.

We work with the ads adjusting locations, times, headlines, extensions etc. to work out ads that perform well. Google says that a successful campaign gets a CTR of 1.24%. Once we are getting good results on that front, we then split test landing pages working there to convert the traffic better. We then work those two factors back and forth.

We always have conversion tracking on the website so we can follow down:

  1. A) What did the person type in the search bar? When and on what day?
  2. B) What variation of the ad did they see?
  3. C) What page did they land on?
  4. D) What action did they take?

This way we can optimize ads. We can find what keywords are not turning into customers and which ones are. We can also find which pages are not selling and which ones are etc. We can follow the pipeline and improve each step.

Weekly we do split testing and negative ad word removal to hone the campaign.

We can add additional features to this such as: 

  • Call recording and tracking to track and record the calls coming from the ads
  • Follow up Emails for the leads that come in 
  • Follow up text messages

Youtube Advertising

YouTube is TOTALLY unconquered territory right now and like the Wild West. Google Makes it fairly difficult to control with not being able to set specific. Times for your ads etc. but you can do demographic targeting here similar to facebook but less specific. You can target interest groups. Like people who are interested in dogs/cats.

Local Service Ads

Also you can now advertise to secure a spot in a local three pack. This requires a YouTube account with a video, at least one photo and a Google My Business account. After that, we can place those ads. These are VERY productive for local service businesses.

This area is underutilized by most marketers. I rarely see ads in the three-pack and it is a missed opportunity.  People work for YEARS with SEO to get into the 3 pack and Google has now made it available with paid ads. Due to this, it is a very cost effective way to get leads as there is very little competition usually.

Here is what the three pack looks like:

Google Guaranteed Ads

In some specific industries. (Usually local household services such as roofing, water damage, mold remediation, house cleaning) Google offers something called Google Guaranteed Ads. These ads appear above the normal paid ads and have a trust badge on them. The part that is “Guaranteed” is that if the job goes south, Google will pay the customer up to 5k in damages.

This is what they look like in search results:

When you click one you go to a screen that looks like this:

To get a Google Guaranteed ad, you have to go through a screening process. You have to get a background check, submit proof of insurance, and have existing positive reviews on your Google My Business profile. Once this is approved, you can place these ads. You can customize what ZIP codes to target, what services and some key “features” you can pick a certain number – at the moment it is like 6. Google then shuffles around these various factors to get leads.

This system works like Google Ads in terms of an auction based system. In the example above it is for a water damage company. In the St. Louis area, a water damage lead goes for around $50 (In Clearwater FL, you are looking at $110 for the same lead). You can call the Google Guaranteed team and tell them “Hi. I am working with a roofer in Cincinnati, OH. How much for a roofing lead in that area. They will give you an estimated range. Basically and in theory – you get a figure from Google on what a lead costs, decide how many leads you want based on the figure of what they tell you it costs for a lead, then set the budget. (Obviously there is more to it than that, but that is a 30 second explanation)

When the leads come in, the calls are recorded by Google and you can listen to them. If it was a bad lead such as wrong number, wrong area, hangup as soon as you answer etc., you can just tell Google it wasn’t a valid lead and don’t get charged.

Facebook Ads

Saw a number the other day that 20% of all internet traffic is currently on Facebook. It’s what has people’s attention right now. The average age of a Facebook user is like 35 where the average age of an instagram user is like 16. The 35 year olds are who we are targeting and who have money and make buying decisions.

We can target mothers for a dental office, people interested in certain things with ads. We can also use FB ads to retarget people who have visited the website.

Facebook ads are outbound advertising. They are LIKE a home improvement store commercial in the middle of a football game. People are there to watch a football game but the reach is so broad, it si going to hit enough people who “had been meaning to go to the hardware store” and show up to shop in the next few days to make them worthwhile. The difference is that they are more targeted. Whereas the home improvement store ad goes out to EVERYONE renters and homeowners, a FB ad can be targeted to only people who own homes and in certain neighborhoods and in certain income brackets. We can even do targeted locations within 1 mile of a specific address.

At this point – most people are very familiar with this tracking and targeting element of Facebook. Now we can bring that power to the side of the small business owner to increase his revenue.

Web Design

We design great websites.

The key thing we work on with a website is user experience and how to make sure every page of the site is a salesman working for the company 24/7. The pages have to be written by professional sales copywriters.

The content is the most important part. This is what drives conversions and people into the business. Whether the page is blue or pink or the navigation bar is on the left or right is usually up to the preference of the person we are working for and honestly are not the most important factors. The key thing we have to control is the conversation – other than that, we would advise what it should look like but if they want it pink, they can have it pink.

Logo Design

We do logo design and have designed several logos for people that they have been very happy with.

Web Hosting

We perform routine hosting actions:
Monthly Backups

Monthly back end updates to make sure the site is secure

Anti-Virus and anti-hacking protective measures

Hosting the files of the site on fast and responsive servers

Edits requested by the client

Content addition provided by the client

Website “SEO Optimizations”

Customize the SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions

Address obvious errors such as broken contact forms

Local Listing Service [This is actually a beastly service and consists of the most KEY elements of SEO]

3 posts weekly to GMB (can also be done to FB)

2 photo posts to GMB (provided by the office)

Placing in the top 2 local search aggregators for a year

Creating/editing by hand the Apple Maps, GMB and FB Profiles

Creating/editing/obtaining access to the top 17 accounts that will be retained 

by the office. (Bright Local)

Monthly Blog posted to the site and shared on GMB / FB

Organic Facebook/Instagram Posts

We can make the GMB posts into FB and Instagram posts.

Linked In Outreach campaign (for B2B only)

This is exclusive to B2B & is intended to improve your relationship with other business owners potentially forging new partnerships in related industries. 

Monthly Newsletters

Monthly email campaigns can be made to send out to clients. We can tie this in with call tracking or landing page tracking and determine ROI. This can reactivate previously inactive customers.

Texting options

We can add texting in a few ways. We can do lead follow up texts as well as text blasts to the client base to reactivate with a special deal etc.

HIPAA Compliant Call Recording and tracking

We can use call recording / tracking to measure the efficacy of the program we are running. Usually I use this as a debug tool as this is getting into the weeds of proving that the marketing campaign is working and can provide feedback of something like: conversions went up but sales were done, listen to the calls and you can see that they were calling for the wrong service. We can take that info and then tweak the campaign etc.

Monthly reporting

We provide very detailed reports on what was done, the key stats of the ad campaigns – top performing ads etc. We try to invite the clients to a call to review the report monthly. Usually they never do.

(Work in progress: We track ROI for clients on our ad campaigns. I am working on getting this incorporated into the monthly reports.)

Hiring Ads

Normally, it is pretty easy to post a job on Facebook, Craigslist, Indeed and Monster. Usually businesses don’t have trouble with this and do this on their own. (We can deliver this as a service if they don’t know how though)

In the current labor shortage, it seems that it is not enough to just post jobs to job boards as there are a lack of people LOOKING at job boards to find work. So, a good way we have found to bypass this trouble is with very carefully targeted Facebook ads to put the job opportunity in front of the people we are looking for. We can also do sponsored Indeed ads, but again – you are only getting in front of people who are looking on Indeed. Doing ads on Facebook pushes you out in front of peoples noses. Note on limitations: Hirigin is a “special subject” for Facebook and often has ads rejected for no real reason and it is a bit of a hassle requiring a lot of monitoring. When placing a job ad – you can’t target gender age or anything that could possibly be conceived as demographic information.)

Last thing on this – this is not the same as just “boosting” a job posting. This is sending ads to the professionals or tradespeople you are looking to hire.

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