Google receives over 80,000 searches every single second—talk about power. “Google it” has become the answer to everything these days. Which means it’s pretty important that you’re not buried on the 10th page of a Google Search if you want to grow your business. Now, you may be thinking, that’s great and all, but how the heck do I do that?

Well, luckily, at Adheft Marketing we love Google speak. We get a rise out of learning the latest algorithms and the best part of our week is when another client hits #1 in the Google search results for their area. We offer a variety of Google-centric services to get your business found by new customers online.

Google Guaranteed Ads

Google Guaranteed ads are Local Services Ads with a little green check mark that helps customers feel more secure using your services. To get this green badge of honor, we lead all our Adheft Marketing customers through the process to get Google Guaranteed.

Google checks your business licensure, insurance, etc. Then, once Google Guaranteed, if a customer clicks on your Local Services Ads and then has a bad experience, they can get reimbursed for the services by Google.

Now, we’re not saying that’ll ever happen. But the little green check mark gives customers the confidence to buy, which means higher ad conversions and more new customers.

Google Local Listing Optimization

Local listing optimization is just a fancy way of saying we’re going to get you on the map, literally!

Google Maps searches are one of the top ways people find new businesses so we want to make sure you’re on the map with a professional business listing that positions you as the most authoritative service provider in your field, in your area. It helps establish trust right off the bat!

Google My Business Posts

Each month our team curates targeted posts covering your offers and what’s new with your business via Google My Business!

Keeping your local area up-to-date on your offers, whether or not you’re accepting new patients, or sharing fun facts about your business is one way to keep potential clients engaged and excited. Effective use of this free advertising tool is an ideal way to get your deals out there into the digital world and convert some new customers! Plus, more active businesses rank higher in Google searches which is what our #1 goal is, right?

Let Adheft Marketing Get You to #1 in Google Search Rankings

Now nothing easy happens overnight. Our Adheft Marketing Google gurus work with your team to craft a foolproof strategy with rich keywords that will get your business found, while slowly but surely climbing that ladder to the top of the Google search page. Let’s chat about how we’re going to get you there!

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