What is local SEO?

Would you like to get more traffic from Google? We are here to help! Our local SEO services provide you with the solutions to get your business to show up at the top of search results.

Local SEO refers to optimizing your website and your business information in online directories for a specific location. There are dozens of local online directories that feed information to Google. When Google sees matching information across these directories, it marks the information as useful and is more likely to provide this answer in search results. However, if Google finds that this information is a confused hot mess across the different directories it is more likely to not pass on the information.

The Solution

Managing Local SEO can be complicated and frustrating. With over 200 factors determining your position in Google’s local search results – it takes time and attention to get your business showing up. We’ve helped many businesses across the country take control of these factors and get their business to #1.

With Local SEO done right, you’ll reap the rewards of having an optimized web presence that brings traffic to your site (and then keeps bringing it!). At Adheft Marketing, our expert team of SEO specialists will ensure this happens by:

  • Keyword Research and Strategy:
    We find the most popular keywords and phrases that people use to find businesses like yours, and incorporate them into your website to rank higher on Google.
  • Content Optimization:
    We optimize key factors on the back end of your website so that it appeals to search engines and helps improve your ranking on Google.
  • Link Building:
    We build links from authoritative websites so that search engines view your site reliable and safe, ranking it higher.
  • Google My Business:
    We optimize your Google My Business Page and regularly post information and photos to keep your business relevant.

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