How long does it take for SEO changes to update?

The internet is constantly changing, and Google is constantly updating its search algorithms. The goal is to create the most relevant results for their users, so they’re always making changes based on how people are searching and what they’re looking for. But those changes can have a big impact on your website’s SEO—which means it can take time before you see any noticeable improvements in your rankings.

A lot of factors play into how long it takes for SEO changes to take root.

A lot of factors play into how long it takes for SEO changes to take root. Some are more obvious than others, so let’s go over them:

  • The type of change you make and the number of pages affected. There’s a difference between changing one or two keyword-rich headlines on a home page and changing several hundred titles throughout your site.
  • How old your domain is (how long it has been online). A newly launched website will take longer for search engines to index than an older one with lots of backlinks already in place because the latter has already built up some trust in the eyes of search engines and users alike.
  • The size of the change itself (e.g., adding new URLs or making major site updates). Search engines have different algorithms they use when crawling sites, which means that they might not be able to accurately process a large number if they’re all submitted at once—your best bet is usually submitting them bit by bit over time instead so that there aren’t too many changes occurring simultaneously.

Google generally re-indexes sites every few weeks.

Google’s re-indexing process is automated and can take a few weeks to complete. Google does not provide any information about when it will next re-index your site, so it’s hard to predict the exact timing. One thing is for sure: if you see no changes in search results after making an SEO change, then you should wait another week or two before checking again.

If you do want to speed up search updates on your website, then consider submitting a manual request through Google Search Console.

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